Lofo Allianz für Produktqualität
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Quality Champions: Leveraging Export Potential in Ethiopia

Coffee, textiles and spices from Ethiopia have high export potential. However, limited knowledge of quality management processes often hinders local businesses’ access to international markets. The Quality Champions Programme creates a cadre of professionals capable of helping businesses improve the quality of their products and services to achieve market success.

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Côte d'Ivoire


Building expertise for better quality – Textile Sector in Ghana

European and American garment manufacturers and retailers are increasingly interested in exploring the establishment of new factories to provide alternative sustainable sourcing options. Currently, the textile and apparel sector in Ghana faces massive challenges and struggles to meet the requirements of international buyers. Quality requirements are often not fully understood or don’t meet customers’ demands. We support the companies and their personnel to comply with quality requirements of international buyers.

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Teefelder in den Bergen Ruandas

Karongi Tea Factory – a success story for quality made in Rwanda

The Alliance for Product Quality in Africa, Invest for Jobs and the Business Scouts for Development support tea producers in Rwanda to improve the quality of their products and obtain the quality certificates required for international export. One of these companies is Karongi Tea Factory, located in the Western part of Rwanda.

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Assessing the state of the national quality infrastructure

The national quality infrastructure of our partner countries is at a different stage. In order to ensure that our support remains as demand-oriented as possible, the ‘Alliance for Product Quality in Africa’ applies a tool developed by PTB and the World Bank so as to record the state of the various national QI systems.

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