Lofo Allianz für Produktqualität
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Quality Champions: Leveraging Export Potential in Ethiopia

Coffee, textiles and spices from Ethiopia have high export potential. However, limited knowledge of export quality management processes often hinders local businesses’ access to international markets.

The Quality Champions Programme creates a cadre of professionals capable of helping businesses improve the quality of their products and services to achieve market success. The programme started in October 2020 and is implemented in partnership with the International Trade Centre.

Over a period of 10 to 14 months, the 22 Quality Champions from the public and private sector are equipped to manage quality-related processes in businesses and to build international requirements into operations. The training programme includes a series of technical workshops and the implementation of a quality improvement project in a selected processing business to ensure its systematic compliance with international regulations and standards.

The companies selected in the further process can, accompanied by the Quality Champions, set up quality systems that support them in ensuring constant quality and improving their ability to receive internationally recognized quality management certifications such as HACCP and ISO 9001.

After completing the program, the Quality Champions will continue to support other companies across the country as quality consultants through the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute. In this way, the access of Ethiopian companies to high-quality consulting services is sustainably improved, which increases their competitiveness on the world market.